36 Views of the Nuclear Power Plant at Barsebäck (Video)

Mikael Askergren © 2002
Color video, 15 minutes loop non-stop. First shown (projected onto wall) in the group exhibition Transpose at the Passagen art gallery (Linköpings konsthall), Linköping, Sweden, January 19–March 2, 2002. Courtesy of Galleri Axel Mörner, Stockholm, Sweden.
The film’s series of placid tableaux were filmed with a DV-camera and tripod during a couple of exceptionally clear and beautiful summer days in 2001. The film reveals that the double-sphinx silhouette of the nuclear power plant at Barsebäck in southern Sweden constitutes the evocative and monumental backdrop to almost every activity of the region’s waterfronts. Not only for the inhabitants of Malmö and other towns along the Swedish coast, but also on the Danish side of the sound of Öresund—all the way from the heights of Humlebæk, via downtown Copenhagen, to the isle of Amager. It’s no accident that the filmmaker chose a title that paraphrases Hokusai’s picturesque 36 Views of Mount Fuji.
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